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FRFR is purposefully built to spread love and positivity

FRFR is a unique, safe and enjoyable way to communicate anonymously using your voice. Send fun and engaging voice messages without revealing your identity. FRFR creates a safe and secure environment for expressing oneself. Our platform makes connection and communication more personal and authentic. Whether you want to share a joke, tell a story, or just say hi, FRFR is the perfect safe space to make voice messages fun using our FRFR voice filters.

We love our community

Safety is everything

Anonymity needs safety at all times. We are fully committed to ensuring the safety and security of our users' voice messages. Unlike other anonymous apps, we prioritize user well-being without compromising on any aspect, ensuring a secure and comfortable experience. To achieve this, we have implemented state-of-the-art AI content moderation technology that utilizes advanced deep learning and rule-based algorithms. Our powerful moderation system scans voice messages for any instances of harmful or inappropriate content, including bullying, hate speech, or offensive language.

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What does "FRFR" stand for?
"FRFR" stands for "for real for real," which is slang for "seriously" or "truthfully."

Where is FRFR based?
FRFR is based in Los Angeles, California and Berlin, Germany.

What is FRFR?
FRFR is an anonymous voice messaging app that allows users to send voice messages without revealing their identity.

How does it work?
1) Navigate to the "PLAY" tab, and then tap on the button that says "copy link."
2) Tap on the "Share" button, which will redirect you to Instagram or Snapchat.
3) Now tap on the "Sticker" button and select the "Link" functionality.
4) Paste your link in the URL field, and then position your link on the story.

How does FRFR work?
To use FRFR, simply download the app and create a FRFR link. You can then share this link on your real Instagram handle or Snapchat story, and anyone who sees it can send you anonymous voice messages through the link. You'll receive these messages in the app, and can respond to them anonymously as well.

Can I reveal my identity to someone who sends me a voice message?
No, FRFR is designed to protect the anonymity of our users. However, with FRFR Platinum subscription, you have the option to receive hints about the sender of a voice message. These hints could include the sender's gender, age range, or any other details they choose to reveal.

What is FRFR Platinum?
FRFR Platinum enhances your app experience by adding an exciting twist to the enjoyment of receiving anonymous voice messages. With this premium feature, you'll receive hints about the sender's identity, adding an extra layer of fun and intrigue to your interactions.

Is FRFR safe to use?
Yes, FRFR is designed to protect the anonymity and privacy of our users. We do not save any data or personal information, and our advanced content moderation technology helps to filter out any harmful or inappropriate messages.

Can I have multiple FRFR accounts?
No, users can only have one FRFR account per device and per user.

Can I change my profile picture in FRFR?
Yes, you can change your profile picture within the app.

What should I do if I receive an inappropriate message?
You can report any inappropriate messages within the app at any time.