Welcome to FRFR, a place where you can express yourself freely while connecting with your friends. To ensure your safety and enjoyment, we've established community guidelines. Please read them carefully, along with our full Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. These guidelines are a summary and do not replace our comprehensive terms.

FRFR is all about safety and fun!

To ensure the safety of the FRFR community, certain types of content are not allowed on our platform.

No Discrimination, Slurs, and Hate Speech:
FRFR is committed to fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for users of all backgrounds and identities. We strictly prohibit content or behavior that supports, glorifies, or promotes hate groups, their ideologies, or actions. Users must not send anonymous voice messages that promote hatred or discrimination based on race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any other characteristic. This includes both direct attacks and more subtle forms of discrimination using our text-to-speech AI voice filters.

No Threats, Bullying, and Harassment:
FRFR users should not engage in any form of harassment, including but not limited to bullying, stalking, or threats of violence through anonymous voice messages. Any content intended to intimidate, humiliate, or harm another person using our text-to-speech AI voice filters is strictly prohibited.

No Violence:
FRFR maintains a strict no-violence policy, ensuring the safety and well-being of its users. This policy prohibits any content or discussion that incites, promotes, or glorifies violence in any form, including through anonymous voice messages. Users are not permitted to send messages that promote violent actions or threats against individuals, groups, or property using our text-to-speech AI voice filters. Any violations of the no-violence policy will be taken seriously, and appropriate actions will be taken against those who fail to adhere to these guidelines.

No Illegal Activities:
At FRFR, we prioritize the safety and integrity of our platform and users. We strictly prohibit the use of our platform for engaging in or promoting any illegal activities through anonymous voice messages. This includes, but is not limited to, drug trafficking, human trafficking, creating or distributing child sexual abuse material (CSAM), or any other criminal activity. We are committed to working with law enforcement agencies and taking appropriate actions against any users found to be involved in such illicit activities.

No Spam:
FRFR enforces a policy that prohibits sharing content in a disruptive, repetitive, or misleading manner using our text-to-speech AI voice filters. This includes deceptive or sensational content aimed at driving traffic to a specific experience, large-volume messaging that may disturb users, and creating experiences with the sole purpose of directing users away from FRFR.

No Pornography:
FRFR is committed to maintaining a safe and respectful environment for all users. We have a strict policy against sending any pornographic or sexually explicit content through our text-to-speech AI voice filters. This encompasses content that features nudity, sexual activity, or is intended to be sexually suggestive. Sharing such material not only violates our platform's guidelines but can also have a negative impact on other users, causing distress, discomfort, or harm.

No Intellectual Property Infringement:
FRFR is dedicated to upholding the legal rights of individuals and entities, which is why we strictly prohibit users from sending any content that infringes on the intellectual property rights of others through our text-to-speech AI voice filters. This includes content that contains copyrighted material, trademarked logos, or any other proprietary information without proper authorization or consent from the rightful owner.

No Misinformation:
FRFR is committed to fostering a responsible and trustworthy environment for its users. To that end, we strictly prohibit the sharing of any content that contains false or misleading information through our text-to-speech AI voice filters. This includes content intended to deceive or mislead others, as well as content designed to spread rumors, conspiracy theories, or disinformation.

No Impersonation:
At FRFR, impersonation is strictly prohibited, meaning that users should not misrepresent themselves as someone else or pretend to be someone they are not through our text-to-speech AI voice filters. This includes using fake profiles, creating fake accounts, or using someone else's name or likeness without their permission. It is important to be truthful and transparent about one's identity and to respect the privacy and intellectual property rights of others. Specifically regarding teachers, it is important to note that impersonating a teacher is not allowed. This includes using the teacher's name or likeness without their permission, creating fake accounts or profiles pretending to be the teacher, or otherwise misrepresenting oneself as the teacher. Such behavior can have serious consequences, including disciplinary action and potential legal ramifications. It is important to always be respectful and honest in one's interactions with teachers and other authority figures.

No Doxxing:
FRFR users must understand that sharing any personal information about others without their consent through our text-to-speech AI voice filters can lead to serious consequences. Personal information can include names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, social security numbers, financial information, and any other data that could be used to identify, locate, or harm an individual. Doxxing can have devastating effects on the victim, including harassment, stalking, identity theft, and even physical harm. It is also a violation of their privacy and personal autonomy. Therefore, it is important to always respect the privacy of others and seek their permission before sharing any personal information about them using our text-to-speech AI voice filters. It is also important to note that doxxing is illegal in many jurisdictions, and those who engage in this behavior can face severe legal consequences. To avoid any potential harm and legal repercussions, it is best to refrain from sharing any personal information about others without their explicit consent.

FRFR is all about safety and fun!

Words can be just as hurtful as physical harm. If you’re feeling distressed due to your experience on FRFR, don’t hesitate to reach out to a qualified mental health professional for assistance. If you require resources, our Staying Safe on FRFR guide includes a list of organizations that are prepared to offer you the help you need.

Any messages that violate our Community Guidelines may be removed by us at any moment. Users who violate any rule may be prohibited from using FRFR, particularly for repeated violations or especially egregious ones. Any illegal or criminal activity detected by the FRFR team may be reported to the proper authorities, along with any information known about the offending user. Our Community Guidelines may be updated at any time to reflect new policies, and all new changes become effective immediately upon publication.

We created FRFR because we believe that Gen-Z deserves a safe place to express their honest thoughts, emotions, and feelings without being subjected to bullying, judgement, or societal pressures. Anonymity comes with accountability, so please be courteous and always keep in mind the golden rule of treating others as you would like to be treated.